Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Oldest Makeup In My Collection, Revlon StreetWear FX Lip Stix

So, I was going thru my makeup and I still have this lipstick! I know, it's not good to keep old makeup, but I just can not toss this one. I miss the Revlon StreetWear line so bad! They need to bring it back. I had some of the creamy eye shadows & a lot of the nail polishes, but none of those made it over the years. I wore this a lot in high school(all of my lipsticks form that weird point on them). The name of the color is "Star 69". It's like a purple with a blueish hue. I loved the little mirror that was on the top. Surprisingly it does not have that old makeup smell like most old ones that I have tossed. What's the oldest item you have in your makeup collection?

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