Monday, September 15, 2014

Rue21 Candy Confetti Nail Polish Review

Rue21 Candy Confetti Nail Polish

I found this nail polish at Rue 21. It said half off of $3.99 & I had really been wanting it since seeing it online. It ended up ringing up for only 50 cents, score! Well, I’m glad I only paid 50 cents for it. In less then 24 hours, it was already flaking off every finger. I used the same base coat that I always use. I never use a top coat & I’ve never had a nail polish flake off like this before. It was such an awesome blend of "confetti" 

My nails look like half eaten doughnuts.... By the time I got home, my nails were almost polish free. I’ve never had that happen with a nail polish before, maybe just a bad batch? This is my 1st nail polish from Rue 21, so I can’t really say how their other polishes are. Has anyone else had any problems with nail polish from them? Comment below!

Until next time my lovelies! 

P.S. I'm going to be redoing my blog over soon, getting bored with the colors. 


  1. It is a pretty color but I have never very tried this line.

    1. I loved the color too. I was so sad it did that. I'm going to try it again with a different base & top coat.