Monday, October 6, 2014

One Direction Our Moment Body Spray

I am very picky about scents, the main reason is allergies. Going down a perfume/body spray aisle at a store can be trouble sometimes. I have never smelt any of One Directions perfumes before, but the can got me, so I figured, lets give this a sniff. I was very surprised that I liked it! I figured it was going to be another over powerful scent. Now this is the body spray, I'm guessing that it smells the same as the perfume. 

I'm not good at describing how things smell, so I looked up the notes on the Walmart website. It describes the scent as top notes of lush forest fruits, red current, jasmine, freesia & an exotic patchouli when it dries. It kind of reminds me of Victoria's Secret Pink "Fruity & Bright" body spray. I love the crown design on top, I think that's what got me! There is no cap on it, so it's  likely, someone might have already tested it unless you get it from the website. The crown topper does not get in the way of spraying it. I bought it in the store, I tried to find the one that looked less sprayed, some of the others had a "wet" look around the spraying part. I'm not a fan of the band, but I am a fan of this body spray! 


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    1. The bottle too! I think that even when I use it all up that I will still keep it lol!