Thursday, October 30, 2014

Revlon ColorStay Gel-Smooth Base Coat & L.A. Colors Pro-Gel Topcoat Review

I don't do a whole lot of reviews on nail polish, but when something really works well, I feel like I need to share. I found the Revlon ColorStay Gel-Smooth Base Coat at Big Lots for $1.50 & the L.A. Colors Pro-Gel Topcoat at Family Dollar for $2. The nail polish I used is also by L.A. Colors in "sunkissed".

These are my nail after a week(I didn't think of getting a before because I'm "smart" like that lol!). This was after swimming, cleaning, showers, hair washing(I have long & thick hair), arcade game playing & more. I really didn't expect it to do so well because I've never had any luck with other "gel" type nail polishes or topcoats. 

The base coat looks like a milky color, but it goes on clear. It did smooth out a few ridges I had in my nails & it dried pretty quick.

I thought this was a nice fall color & it worked with all of the outfits I took to Pigeon Forge TN. 

I'm not sure how new this is, but I just found it 2 weeks ago. It was in a plastic package instead of just being with the other polishes. It left my nails very shiny, The shine did tone down some over the days, but still had more shine then the nail polish alone. This is the best topcoat that I have tried. I didn't take very long to dry. This will be my go to topcoat from now on!

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