Sunday, November 9, 2014

ClearProof By Mary Kay Review

I was really hoping this would work for me since I have such a hard time find a face wash that works. Sadly I have to report that ClearProof did not work for me. It didn't clear up any spots that I had, and a few popped up while using it & I haven't been very stressed lately. I followed all of the steps, I used it twice a day because it did start to dry out my skin. I tried the spot treatment & it did not work as fast as the old one I used.

I liked the formula of all of the products, but let me just say that you only need a very small amount of the moisturizer, a little goes a long way. The face wash is a clear gel. I did not notice any over powerful scent like in some face washes. You can read more about the set at Mary Kay. You can also get a travel sized set if you'd like to see how it works for you before buying the ful sized set.

Now, I do have Lupus. If affects my joints and skin. I get what they call a "butterfly" rash(it's shaped like a butterfly on my cheeks & nose). I honestly do not know if that was part of the problem, it could be. If anyone who also has Lupus reads this, please let me know what products you use for skin care

I know of another person who has tried this who is a little older then me & it did not work for her either. I have read where it has helped others. I think it just depends on a person skin & if they are sensitive to the products. I truly appreciate Influenster for letting me try this & I wish it would have worked.

*I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing & reviewing purposes.*

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