Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Just In Case Bag

I recently made a quick late night trip to Walmart and came across a cute item in the checkout line. I found this cute Just In Case bag that has 7 items you might need at any given moment.

It was the only one on the shelf at the time, so I wasn't sure if it was a Christmas gift item or not, but when I went back the next day, they had more and in other colors like pink & purple. 

The outside feels like a waterproof material, plastic like, but not hard. Plenty of room to add more items you might need.

Inside you get the following.

Nail File
Lip Balm
Shimmer Lip Gloss
Nail Clippers
5 Hair Ties.

My guess would be that the color of the items would depend on the color of the bag. I did not notice a scent or flavor with the lip gloss or lip balm. The lip gloss left shine, the balm did not leave shine. You get all of this for less then $5! Perfect for a quick gift for any female in your life. Some items even a guy could use. I plan on getting more to keep for last minute gifts!

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