Monday, October 13, 2014

Care Bears Flavored Lip Gloss Set

It's no secret that I LOVE the Care Bears! I've loved them since I was little. I have been a big collector since 2003. I have over 100 bears & who knows how many odds & ends of Care Bear items I have so far! If there's a Care Bears item in the store, I will find it lol! So, when I found these lip glosses at Dollar General the other day, I couldn't say no.

The price for these? $2 for the set! They also had single glosses that rolled on & "slap" bracelets that came with 2 lip glosses that connected to it. They were also $2 each. Each one has a different flavor. 

From left to right
Funshine Bear-Lemon
Tenderheart Bear-Orange
Wonderheart Bear-Cherry
Grumpy Bear-Blue Berry
Best Friend Bear-Grape (misprint on her arm, they forgot to color it!)

It says for ages 3 & up on the box. I think they would make a perfect gift for the little girl in your life who likes makeup. They are all clear colored gloss, so no messy colors! I didn't find them to be sticky, but it may vary. I know they are aimed for younger kids, but I plan on using them for myself & I see nothing wrong with us kids at heart using them!

Also, if you or someone you know is a Care Bears fan, check you local Walmart for this cup. I found it in the wrapping paper & gift bag aisle. It was around $1.50. I love how it uses the original Care Bears on it! 

Thanks for stopping by! Have you spotted any cool Care Bear items lately? Let me know in the comments:)

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