Friday, September 4, 2015

Acquapura Personal Water Filter Straw Review

Acquapura Personal Water Filter Straw

I do a lot of hiking with my boyfriend. Just about every weekend we go on some type of adventure into the woods or at a state park. It's normally an all day thing, he likes to be on the go 24/7. I never bring enough water with me & I was always worried about drinking lake or creek water. Towards the end, I would get cranky because I would be thirsty from being stubborn. 

This straw has been a life saver! You can use the straw directly in the water, but I collect it in the water bottle and attach it to the bottle.

My water bottle didn't screw onto the straw, but it may just have been my bottle. The water tasted fresh when drinking thru it. It's not heavy at all & fits into a backpack without taking up much room. It also comes with extra filters. Some plastic things that I've drank from has given water a funky taste, but this doesn't. I found it very easy to use, the instructions were not confusing at all. If you like to camp or go on hikes, this is great to carry with you.

*I received this item for free or at deep discount in exchange for my honest review. All comments are 100% my own.*


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