Friday, September 25, 2015

Sorry For Being M.I.A.

Hey readers! I am so sorry for being M.I.A. lately. I've been kind of mind blank and had no idea what to write about. I don't want my blog to just be reviews, but I can't think of much other to do. Any ideas? I'm open for anything. I am thinking about sharing my flea market finds and maybe cute outfit ideas that can be found for cheap. Please feel free to drop some ideas below!


  1. I used to skip writing blog posts because I never knew what to write about either. I do some reviews, books, products and subscription boxes. But I also post recipes and my pets. Pretty much anything that I find that I think someone else will be interested in, I post about it. You jut never know who's going to enjoy your posts. :)

  2. I just started a notebook with ideas and that has helped! It took me a while but I came up with at least 10 blog ideas.